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COVID-19 UPDATE: Safety and Health guidelines can be found towards the bottom of this page.


Through different art techniques students will explore a range of mediums on
fabric, canvas, block art and jelly art paper. Student will investigate different subject
matters in the development of a personal project to create meaningful art work.

Each student will have the choice between fabric art, paint, drawing, block art, jelly art, etc.

This class is open to adults and children of all abilities and levels!

One-on-one art classes

are available for booking.

Email us to schedule a private session.

Private sessions for groups of 5  are available for booking. Email us to book your group session.

Artelier Programs 

This group of 6 - 8 yrs old

Will meet on Mondays

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Starting September 7th,2020

$200 per Month (3 Month commitment)

Limited to 5 children

This will meet Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

$300 per Month (3 Month commitment)

Limited to 5 children

This group 9 - 14 yrs old

Will meet on Wednesdays

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Starting September 9th,2020

$200 per Month (3 Month commitment)

Limited to 6 children

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To protect the health and the safety of both our students and our staff, we are working diligently on putting in place the following guidelines:


1. Our mini kids’ art camp would invite a maximum of 5 children per group of ages 6-12 yrs. old

2. Private classes and/or private groups for Adults and children of the same household will be available for booking.

3Parents must drop off / pick up their kids ONLY.  No one is invited to stay in the common area.

4. Prior to entering the studio, we will take each person’s temperature with a no contact infrared thermometer. We will keep a                  confidential log of each person’s daily temperature.

5. If any staff or student is coughing, sneezing, or in general is not feeling well, please stay home and follow the advice of a health         professional. If any student/staff demonstrates any signs of health issues while at the studio, they will kindly be asked to leave.

6. Each student comes with their own water bottle, snacks/meals, utensils, a personal bag to keep at the studio including disinfected      indoor shoes (to be used only in the studio) and disinfected art apron/coat (to be kept in studio).

7. We will provide visors and disposable masks for each student to wear as much as possible during the time with us.

8. All art materials (provided by the studio) will be disinfected and pre-packaged for each student. NO SHARING

9. Each room, including bathrooms, will be provided with hand sanitizers. Students will also be encouraged to wash their hands as         often as possible.

10. All door knobs, light switches and handles throughout the studio, bathrooms and hallways will be cleaned/disinfected 3 times a        day with CDC approved disinfectant products.

11. The entrance to the studio and the inside of the studio are disinfected daily with CDC approved products.

12. Students will be properly instructed on how to practice social distancing during their time with us at the studio.

      They will be required to wear their mask/visors in all common areas such as hallways and bathrooms.

13. To limit traffic, we will only have 1 teacher present with the small group in each room.

14. The front door will remain locked during sessions to limit incoming foot traffic and to better monitor the welcoming of those                ONLY wearing masks.  Please ring the bell when you come see us!

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