Get ready to move & sweat with Susana - her cardio/dance class is sure to boost your energy

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Yin/Nidra is a favorite. Balance your energy by getting the best of both; long held poses that target deeply and then the deep rest of Nidra. Not only is it great on your body but you go deeper into self connection.

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We PLAY with Props for added support such as blankets, bolsters, big cushions, books, towels, or what ever you can find home. All levels Welcomed! 


This gentle yet effective Therapy yoga will have you stretching all your muscles; we will focus on the major areas that help with mobility related with your neck & upper/lower back.

Enjoy this morning flow that focuses on your breathing. Adela will gently guide you through class and help you adjust through asanas - all levels welcomed

Every Saturday Philippa brings new techniques to your table - gather your family or friends and enjoy creating with Philippa.


We offer privates for individual or small groups starting at 4 people minimum. Please note that you can turn any of our regular class into a private  or group class.