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Ranging from yoga, art, dancing, women's circle, etc. for kids and adults of all levels and abilities.  We offer a wide range of workshops each month allowing each member of your family to come and PLAY with us!

Come and find your tribe!

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As a member of the International movement, PLAY welcomes every month, near the New Moon, women of all ages and backgrounds.  Through thoughtful rituals based on a given theme, women gather in sister circles to "connect, grow, empower one another, and catalyze the transformation and progress of our world"!

*This workshop occurs on a monthly basis.


This 8 weeks program is designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and worries. Also the program improves self-regulation management, attention, focus, and their self-esteem. Young children face stress in their everyday routines, at the school, homework, test taking, new school, classmate acceptation, and family interaction. Arka Yoga Therapeutic Program gives your child a constructive tool to use daily under any circumstance. They will learn: breathing and relaxation techniques; to understand and control their emotions and learn to navigate through them in a positive manner, rather than suppressing them and visualizing and positive affirmation techniques, how to improve their attention span and listening skills. Kids will cultivate positive attitudes like compassion, tolerance, group effort, good behavior etc. This program is based on increasing self-awareness through introspection, sensory integration exercises,mindfulness approach, games and fun; where the children connect better with themselves and the world thatsurrounds them.

April, 4 to May 23 from 3:30PM-4:30PM

Total of 8 weekly sessions

Admission: $199 or two payments of $120

yoga fro autism.png

Social Skills Yoga for Children with High Function Autism and Special Needs (ages 8-16) is a special sequence of 5 yoga based classes on yoga and a mindfulness approach designed to help to reduce stress and anxiety, empowering Social Skills and Self-Regulation. Special needs children will include children dealing with sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Children will learn breathing techniques for relaxation, visualization techniques, how to understand emotions, how to navigate through them in a positive manner and interaction (Social Skills) through games and role-play. In addition, children will improve attention and self-esteem. Furthermore, this class will cultivate positive attitudes, such as compassion, tolerance, group effort, and appropriate behavior. This series will give children and teens constructive tools to use in their daily life.

Starting April 4 from 4:45PM-5:45PM

Total of 5, weekly sessions

Admission: $125

Join us for our first ever Art Exhibition! 

Self-portraits serve as a remembrance of an important moment of someone’s life that can be shared with others. Along the way, people began to use self-portraits not only just to capture moments of their lives, but also to refocus the way they viewed themselves. Nowadays, these self-portraits are called selfie.

Featuring works by: Neema Baker, Michael Betancourt, Gabriella Cannavo,

Luna Chambless, Olivia Dib, Hannah Dubovy, Isabella Fernandez, Juliana Fryhover, Valentina Ghia, Camille Gonzalez, Caroline Gonzalez, Maya Langrish, Ernesto Losada, Camila Pernas, Luciana Provenzali, Mia St Remy, Meredith Toirac, Edgar Quintero, Maddison Quintero, Laszlo Von Fedak

April, 5 from 6 PM-8 PM

Free! Open to everyone! 

Student Art Show.png
Art Yoga Very Special Artis Parent.png

While your special need child of 13-21 years enjoys an expressive Art class with Aurora, parents can indulge in some well-deserved relaxation flow and finish with Yoga Nidra meditation led by Lotus.

Inquire for sibling 10% discount

April 12 from 6 PM-8 PM

Admission: $15 per person

first moon.png

A sacred gathering for mothers and their pre-teen daughters ages 8-12 years old, as they prepare for the transformations of adolescence.  Mothers, this is an invitation for you to deepen the connections with your daughter and celebrate the anticipation of her becoming a woman as you did for her first steps.  Join us as we encourage our daughters to embrace her intuition, find her voice, express her creativity, create a community of support, respect her intimacy and celebrate her forthcoming menstruation.

Each session will consist of 1 monthly meeting for 3 consecutive months!  

Starting April 20 from 4PM-6PM

Total of 3 sessions

Admission: $45

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