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PLAY Studio turns ONE!

Updated: May 5, 2021

PLAY turns ONE on January 11th, 2020!

My name is Alexa Masucci, and I am a proud tribe member at Peace Love Art Yoga.

On behalf of the Peace Love Art Yoga tribe, I was asked to reflect on my own year at PLAY, having spent my early spring, summer and beginning of autumn in this little Coral Gables studio, helping out with marketing and content.

For an entire year, I was taught by an entire tribe of strong women, each possessing a unique gift. Through gentle Yin and Hatha yoga classes; the cathartic effects of movement therapy; the healing power of tears, and the strange peace of yoga Nidra, I was able to bloom from within in order to express myself and grow stronger through dance, art and explosive TRX.

When I think of PLAY, I recall the early morning coffee runs before adult art classes, the joyful buzzing of little voices getting ready for yoga, dance or art classes on Mondays and Saturdays; The pet mascots that caused so many smiles: Frida the rabbit, our hamster, little dogs; The birthday parties, the workshops, and the events we threw where so many community members were able to make the space their own to share their talents and lights with the world.

PLAY embraces the seasons, teaching us balance between our inner and outer worlds. It's a unique place where people of all levels and abilities find their place, their tribe, and the courage to follow their voice. Moreover, PLAY has become a safe haven for parents and individuals living with autism, epilepsy, and more; giving them a place to create, express themselves, and find a loving supportive tribe. The studio is slowly becoming a pillar for the special needs community in Coral Gables and South Miami.

Peace Love Art Yoga goes beyond a yoga or art studio. It's a sanctuary for inclusion, art, human connection, inspiration, healing, growth, and most of all love. More than five times, I witnessed people tearing up saying the studio found them right when they needed to be found. This certainly rings true for me.

I went back to Canada after the year, with enough introspection to give an art career a real try, the discipline acquired to do so, and the support of an entire tribe to keep up my routine and inner work.

I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store. Please join us for PLAY Studio's one year anniversary on January 11th from 2:00PM to 6:00PM.

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