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We also offer a variety of pricing options for our classes and workshops making it easier to find the

right fit for your needs! From drop-in to bundles. Check out our options below!

Kids Yoga Flow:

Drop-in         $22

5 Classes       $90

10 Classes     $160


Drop-in -   $20          3 Months

4 Classes - $75           2 Months

Unlimited - $150        1 Month

New student drop-in      $10

Stressless Yoga

7 Sessions                       $240

Drop-in                            $38

Sibiling drop-in               $34

Expires in:


Intro to Art         $200/mo              

Clay Class          $200/mo      

Vocational Art   $300/mo      


Fiber Arts             $200/mo   2 hrs   Once a week  Mixed Media        $300/mo   2 hrs   Once a week

Block Art              $300/mo   2 hrs   Once a week

Vocational           $200/mo   2 hrs   Once a week

Young Adult        $300/mo   2 hrs   Once a week


Classes are monthly enrollments

and include the all materials*

Once a week

Once a week

Once a week

1:30 hrs       

1:30 hrs       

2 hrs             



Monthly Meetings

Drop-in           $25

Mini Retreat    $45

3 Meetings      $60      4 Months

Expires in:

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