Peace Love Art Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Teacher Training Course

Imagine a Yoga practice that begins with an Om-and ends with a paintbrush.  A soulful practice where you dance freely, letting inner wisdom be your guide and that encourages you to share that something inside that simply must be expressed.  Come learn how to strengthen and enrich your yoga practice while learning to safely and confidently teach Hatha Yoga, tap into one’s intuition and tune into oneself through Dance and Art.


Full Yoga Teacher Training Program in two modules:

November 1-10th, 2019

January 10-19, 2020.

Location: Peace Love Art Yoga Studio

Coral Gables, Florida



Yoga Session on the beach

Teaching Manual

Yoga Journal

Art and Dance Classes


PRICE: US$ 3,000 before September 1st / US$3,250 After September 1st

US$ 1800 for first module only


Payment plan: $580.00 payable in 6 months

Teachers are 500 hrs Yoga Alliance Certified!

Transformational Hatha Yoga System

What is Transformational Hatha Yoga?


Transformational yoga is a powerful system of yoga techniques that help us center and balance our lives in a way that keeps us naturally happy, healthy and emotionally stable. Based on the premise that every individual has the capacity to continuously experience pure consciousness characterized by good health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity. Transformational Yoga stresses the practice and awareness of key yogic postures and techniques. Its main aim is to purify the built-up toxins laying within the five layers of our being an activate our dormant energy (kundalini) resulting in spiritual awakening. This integral system was developed in order to activate inner resources that allow the individual to live in a state of equilibrium, which lightens the pressures of contemporary living. A carefully selected set of asana postures is practiced in order to stretch and strengthen the physical body. This sequence of asanas opens and cleanses the seven chakras (life energy centers), which regulate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. However, Transformational Yoga is much more than just asana exercises. While hatha yogic postures are practiced for the physical body, pranayama breathing techniques, mantra chanting, and meditation are also an essential part of this holistic yogic system. These techniques work simultaneously in order to purify and energize the chakras and balance the subtle prana energies. As a result, the effects of Transformational Yoga practice are felt immediately and are carried over into every day life bringing equilibrium and serenity to all levels of our being.


Four key aspects of transformational yoga:


Asanas (yogic postures) - stretch and strengthen the body 

Pranayama (breathing techniques)  - detoxify and balance emotions

Mantra (chants)- focus and silence the mind while awakening the chakras

Meditation - brings awareness of our true Self through observation


How is Transformational Yoga different from other types of yoga?


Most styles of yoga focus their efforts in one specific direction. For example, all types of Hatha yoga focus on the physical body as its instrument of perfection and realization, while Raja yoga concentrates on the mind or mental body. In a holistic yoga practice, such as Transformational Yoga, the most effective techniques are combined and included to bring about complete transformation of the individual at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The most powerful technique's drawing from hatha, tantra, raja, bhakti, mantra, and kundalini yoga have been brought together while developing this innovative yogic system. By using pranayama breathing, concentration, meditation and mantra an effective purification and activation of the chakras takes place. Thus Transformational Yoga works at a deeper level to release the toxins that have been accumulated through a stressful lifestyle, emotional and mental frustration. By removing these blockages, the stagnant energy can be circulated and rise up to transform our natures. While asanas are the main instrument for purification of the physical body, pranayama is used for purification of the energy body.  In addition, growth of awareness progresses through the positive vibrations generated through mantra chanting, which is fundamental in purifying the psyche body. Mindful meditation techniques are used to transform the mental body, improving awareness and the powers of observation. Therefore, Transformational Yoga manages to bring all of these essential instruments together in order to bring about tangible and enduring results. 





Adela is an International Master Yoga instructor recognized and certified by Yoga Alliance India and Yoga Alliance International; RYT 500 Master Level Instructor and she  is also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor.  Adela is passionate about Yoga and Sharing it with others in a safe, fun and caring ambiance.  Adela currently teaches at Peace Love Art Yoga Studio weekly Hatha flows and Pre & Post Natal Yoga.  



Michelle Kaminski (Yogini Saundarimayee) E-RYT 500,  finished her Masters in Clinical Psychology in California, and then followed her passion for yoga by taking an Ashtanga teachers training course in Italy. Being especially interested in the mind-body connection and the power of yoga to bring balance to mental and physical health, she deepened her yogic studies in India. Studying directly under the guidance of Swami Vidyanand, the founder of Yoga Alliance International, she received the Grand Master level certification in Transformational Hatha yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. She also studied prenatal yoga with Uma Dinsmore- Tuli in London, Children's yoga with Rainbow Kids,  Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark and Therapeutic Yoga with Joseph Le Page. Today Michelle is director of the Transformational Yoga school in Lagonissi, Greece.   She currently leads yoga teacher training courses and retreats in Greece, Italy & India.  Michelle seamlessly blends psychology & spirituality in her yoga style, using a well-rounded approach with Transformational Hatha yoga, and is well prepared to guide you towards the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  


Aurora is a figurative fiber sculpture artist whose passion is to bring back the traditions of womanhood and cultural traditions attached to embroidery. Her art classes embrace many mediums and are open to children and adults of all capabilities.   Her goal is to equip her students with valuable life skills and encourage their creative and critical thinking.  



Lotus Baker is an RYT 200 hours yoga teacher currently working on her 500 RYT teacher training in the SHE yoga and meditation teacher training.  She is a  certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator with Heatherash Amara, A certified facilitator in Daring to Rest Academy with Yoga Nidra with Karen Brody.


Lotus is the founder and tribe leader of Peace Love Art Yoga Studio. 

Her passion for all expressive art forms and the tools acquired with her many mentors have brought her this deeper practice of self discovery and acceptance;  inspiring her to create this sacred space where all is welcome to share this journey within.  

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