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Explore workshops and classes intended to heal mind and body.

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Women Wellness Club

Join PLAY's Women Wellness Club for only $150 per month and benefit from unlimited classes and discounts on workshops

You'll be Hearing from Us

Women at PLAY

Women are cyclic creatures by nature. Like our moon cycles, we are ever-changing and always shifting.  Yet, we often ignore our inner wisdom, push our bodies too hard, and then suffer from adrenal fatigue. It’s time to make peace with our menstruation and learn to work with our inner rhythm—not against it.  


At PLAY, we offer workshops to help you better understand your cycle, teaching you when and how to exercise depending on which phase you are in, and how to nourish yourself accordingly. By embracing our inner seasons, we can actually use our flow to our advantage and heal our story. 


Please check our schedule for our next event!


A Sacred Space 

Through thoughtful rituals and workshops, PLAY creates a safe container where women can feel supported and empowered.  We gather to share our journey, release our fears, and celebrate a sisterhood that helps us thrive.


Every month, we will meet on the Wednesday that falls closest to the New and Full Moon.

Mornings at PLAY

Mornings at PLAY are all about women and wellness. Join a sisterhood and browse all of our workshops and classes below tailored to help you live your best life.   

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