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About Us

About Us

Ignite your fire.

Imagine a yoga practice that begins with an Om—and ends with a paintbrush.  A soulful sanctuary where you can dance freely, letting inner wisdom be your guide. A sacred space where you can feel supported as you find your flow and cultivate a more mindful, meaningful life.


Turn on your intuition—and tune into yourself.

Through yoga, dance and art along with a series of thoughtfully-crafted workshops, PLAY realigns your inner seasons with the cycles of nature and phases of life. The quest begins by going within.


Play in Season: Spring

On March 20th, Spring officially started on the Northern Hemisphere.  The Spring Equinox Is marked by equal day and equal night, reminding us the importance of balance in our lives.  This is the time to tap into our inner strength and bring to life all of our dreams and plans for the year!  Ask yourself, What do you want to nurture and bring to life for yourself this Season?


Spring begins on March 20th. Please check our schedule for this season’s complete list of classes and events.

PLAY with us