Yoga at Home

On Sept. 22nd, Autumn Season officially started. This new Season represents transformation & the bittersweet return to colder months.

Did you know that at PLAY Studio Miami we celebrate each Season and it's many meanings?

Fall Season is a time of resting & dreaming; a time to practice self-love, self-acceptance but also learning how to accept all situations including the ones where we are left in darkness with no answers. Just like in nature, in order for new growth to happen in Spring things must die in Autumn! 


What do you need to let go of to make room for New Life & growth in your life?

Join our ONLINE & IN-STUDIO tribe and discover new ways to connect with the many meanings of this New Season!



COVID-19 UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we are re-opening softly for in-studio art classes for limited
groups of 5 students and for privates (1-5 students from same household). Please check our In-Studio Art page for more details and to read more on our Safety & Health guidelines. As a tribe, we have decided to continue offering our Yoga & Dance classes online via the zoom platform. We are also continuing to offer Art classes online! Please visit our

Online Classes & Workshops page for more details.

Imagine a practice that starts with an Om, and ends with a paintbrush. A soulful sanctuary where you can dance freely, let your inner wisdom be your guide, find support, find your flow, and cultivate a more mindful and meaningful life. 
Everything we do has a reason behind it, and season to support its intention. Classes, events and workshops are designed around what each season represents and how we can harness its power.
Through thoughtful rituals and workshops, our boutique studio creates a safe container where women can feel supported and empowered.  We gather to share our journey, release our fears, and celebrate a sisterhood that helps us thrive. We specialize in small groups, to give each student the individualized attention they deserve. 


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